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A morning with Shopstar and Yuppiechef


We had a seriously pleasant morning at Gusto where Shopstar hosted a morning chat with Andrew from Yuppiechef.

Being an ecommerce legend, we were hanging onto every word. These words we especially liked:

  • To get repeat customers, you need to fulfill your promises. Better yet, under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Charging for delivery is an obstacle to the consumer. Offering free delivery really wins people over.
  • Marketing and sales skills are super important. You can’t expect something to sell if nobody knows about it.
  • It’s all about trust. If people trust you, they will buy from you.

Check out Shopstar’s blog post for a more comprehensive review.

PS. Yes, this photo does look a little odd. #panoramadrama

Throwback Thursday: The Wolf and The Beard revisit Vega


Being Vega alumni, Nic and Walter were asked by Vega to give a talk to current students about post-Vega life and the ins and outs of Chicken and Wolf and Unsung Art.

We touched on all sorts of things: how to get clients and grow a portfolio, the importance of networking, and how the combination of different skills sets can really be an advantage in a business.

It was fun. We would totally do it again.